Runo Lagomarsino - In the middle of the lands

At Mater Earth Gallery Copenhagen we exhibit the installation, In the middle of the lands of the Swedish artist Runo Lagomarsino. 

The work origins in slogans written by activists from the human rights organization Asociación pro derechos humanos de Andalucía: APDHA, in Spain. They focus on issues such as migration, European border control and the many deaths of humans trying to cross the Mediterranean Sea. The slogans are not written on the papers, but have been transferred on to them through exposure to the sun. This leaves some of the slogans nearly impossible to read, while others are clear. In this way, the work invites or rather demands a committed reading. It is the vulnerability of the words, the fragility of arguments when exposed to the erosion of time and nature, but also to the diverse politics of amnesia and denial that creates the frame through which the artist acts upon the material.

Runo Lagomarsino (b.1977, Sweden) develops works that presents a critical vision on the construction of history-based themes or analyses connections between modernism and current geopolitics. Lagomarsino’s work present a well-defined political position, posses an unfinished and fragmented aspect, and act as provocative and open reflections on relations of territory and exclusion.

31 August - 28 September
Special opening September 1st from 11-16

Runo Lagomarsino
In the middle of the lands, 2015
28 sun drawings
Artwork from the collection of gallery Nils Staerk, Copenhagen


Mater Earth Gallery
Glentevej 47
2400 Copenhagen