Let's clean up the Ocean!

’Just imagine if this Ocean series was a great success – maybe one day we would run out of fishnet waste to use! That would be quite something.’ – Henrik Marstrand, Founder of Mater

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Our planet is definitely struggling these years, and it seems as if it has never been more obvious, that we need to take action in regards to improving the environment. At Mater we wish to make an impact in the business industry, therefore our commitments within our production, are now aligned with the UN Global Goals. One of their key goals is preserving “Life Below Water”, and to understand how we could contribute to that goal, we teamed up with the only fishnet waste upcycling facility in the world, conveniently placed at the western coastline of Denmark. A new innovative business model motivates fishermen across the world to send their used fishnets to the facility, paying them a fair value for this used material, rather than the used fishnets being dumped into the sea.

In our search for a design that could fit this new production method, we initiated a dialogue with one of the oldest and most respected design families in Denmark and partnered with Dennie Ditzel, manager of the design legacy after the late Nanna and Joergen Ditzel. Together we screened the archives for designs that would be ideal for upcycled fishnets waste production, and the outcome has been an amazing outdoor collection named “Ocean”. The Ocean Collection is characterized by its light structure with repeated slats and metal frames, combined into new modern chairs and tables.

“Ocean” looks back into classic design traditions, truly rethinking the rationale behind the relaunch of design classics. Originally designed in 1955 by Nanna and Joergen Ditzel for their own personal outdoor use, “Ocean” represents sustainable and innovative thinking and was awarded Wallpaper* Magazines Design award in early 2019.

The collection is made of used fishnet, hard plastic waste and a light metal frame. With its light tones in Concrete Grey and Black, the slat does not look like traditional plastic, and this adds a finesse and character to the material. The frame is painted in a new modern Gun Metal colour, suitable and tested for outdoor use. With this new initiative that "Ocean" represents, our ambition and dream is to collect and clean a significant amount of Fishnet waste in the years to come - thereby making a significant commitment to the UN Global Goals in terms of the ocean waste issues. The Ocean series will be available for distribution from Feb 2019.


’Just imagine if this Ocean series was a great success – maybe one day we would run out of fishnet waste to use! That would be quite something.’ 

- Henrik Marstrand, Founder of Mater