A close collaboration with Mogensen's grandchildren

The final stage of developing Mater’s innovative new material involved a close collaboration with two of Mogensen’s grandchildren, Emilie Ventujol Mogensen and Sarah Alexandra Moutouh. The visual campaign also bears the unique Mogensen touch, as Emilie and her brother Rasmus Mogensen are the creative director and photographer, respectively.

Emilie and Sarah Alexandra are both designers. Together with the other four grandchildren, they are now more involved in their grandfather’s design legacy. They approach this task with the utmost humility, stating: “It’s not just our family’s heritage, but Denmark’s.”

“Our family shares the understanding that just because you can produce some of Børge’s designs, it does not mean that you have to. It needs to make sense in ways that cannot necessarily be measured. It must be driven by visionaries who do not accept the world’s status quo. This is how we perceive Mater.

They are on an important mission working with circular production. The future calls for companies that take that responsibility and manage to make it into a solid and lucrative business. We would like to support that with our family’s name and values,” Emilie explains.

"Børge was a very visionary man and he would have loved Mater's version of the chair. He never accepted the status quo. He had by no means a followers mindset; he wanted to change the world. Mater is the same, trying to innovate the furniture industry, and we firmly believe they will succeed."

- Emilie Mogensen