Introducing Matek

Through years of research and testing, we invented Matek.

A unique patented material that allow us to make furniture out of waste materials by combining fiber with a binder. A fiber material could be coffee bean shells, extracted during the roasting process. It could also be sawdust from wood production or even textile remnants. A binder material is made from plastic waste, or a plastic-based alternative. When combined, the result is a unique compound that can be formed using the preexisting technology of our industry, such as press moulding.

The new material is designed to be processed again and again. That’s why
we unhesitatingly offer to take it back at the end of its life to recycle it into new furniture featuring our exciting designs.

The technology allows us to recycle waste with more efficiency, through capturing carbon in our furniture. Meaning we can use the resources already available to us, rather than unnecessarily burning them