Mater Cubes

The Mater Cube is almost entirely made of our patented circular material Matek. To make one Mater Cube, we use 13 kg of waste materials. The innovative technology behind Matek allows us to recycle fibre-based waste materials with recycled plastic waste. The Mater Cube is available in different variants with Matek blends of either coffee shell waste or wood waste mixed with industrial plastic waste. The matek surfaces give the Mater Cube a unique look resembling stone, marble, or terrazzo. The cube has several uses, limited only by imagination - side table, stool, plant stand, etc.

A unique circular waste material developed by Mater that enable us to make furniture out of different waste materials.

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Made of Matek®

Industrial plastic leftover from the production of flush bottoms for toilets. Industrial plastic is an excellent source of quality plastic that can be reused for furniture production.

Wood waste sourced from wooden furniture production.

Coffee shell waste from BKI's coffee roasting process.

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