Price Match Guarantee & Free shipping

At we'll match all prices both from physical and online shops, so you are always guaranteed the best price. If you find the item cheaper in a shop or online, we'll match the price.

It is extremely easy:

Send us a message on facebook or click the button in the bottom right corner. Please include the following information:

  • Link to the product page where the item is found cheaper.
  • The price of the product from the other store.
  • Any additional information.

Offers Warranty Rules:

  • Mater reserves the right to reject a request.
  • The product must be in stock in the shop that is compared to.
  • It must be the same style, colour and size.
  • We always strive to answer all price guarantee requests within 24 hours

Free Shipping

At Mater we offer free shipping in all Denmark, Germany, United Kingdom and Sweden on orders over 700 DKK.