Info Rug | IR03 Oilfield
Info Rug | IR03 Oilfield
Info Rug | IR03 Oilfield
Info Rug | IR03 Oilfield

Info Rug | IR03 Oilfield

Named the ‘Info Rugs’, the patterns for the rugs were extracted from three photographs shot by the photographers at Foundation for Deep Ecology, an organisation that supports efforts to protect wilderness and wildlife. Each photograph tells a heartfelt story that also conveys the environmental impact that humans are creating.

The collection consists of three designs, each digitalised from the photographs and available in three sizes. IR01 is inspired by a photograph of the chemtrails caused by the busy and excessive air traffic over London. IR02 takes its design from the image of a thousand year old forest that fell victim to a chain saw to make way for a new dam in Oregon. IR03, the largest rug in the collection, depicts an California oilfield, and the merciless drilling and human violation into the earth.

The Info Rugs are handmade, using a traditional tufting technique, giving a soft, yet dense, 16 mm thickness. The designs are simple, with a calm colour palette - minimising the colour contamination in production by using un-dyed wool and very few colours to screen print the pattern, respecting the design, craftsmanship and the environ


Mark Gamba | Foundation for Deep Ecology

80 % un-dyed Indian wool, 20 % cotton

Hand-tufted and screen printed

Taupe, ecru

W 220 cm L 340 cm

Handmade in India

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