Humlebæk / Denmark

Hej Humlebæk

 Located in the beautiful old station building in Humlebæk, you can get freshly baked bread, buttered croissants, cookies, brownies and much more. They are a great pitstop if you need a croissant or a cup of coffee on the go. Visiting in the later afternoon they also have special beer on tap.

Address: Hal Kochs Vej 14, 3050 Humlebæk

Hej Humlebæk decored with Conscious Chair and Mater Café Tables  

The Cafe is located in Humlebæk, Denmark, a beautiful and historical building which oozes of newly brewed coffee and welcomes you with a cozy atmosphere. Here you can find our Conscious chair and Mater Café Tabel - a great match between the historical frames of the cafe and the relaunched Conscious chair originally designed by Børge Mogensen and Esben Klint in 1958.
The chair is made of FSC® wood and Matek®, where an innovative technology allows us to recycle fibre-based waste materials with recycled plastic waste.

In alliance with large corporations, Mater has invented a patented technology that recycles their fibre and plastic waste. This resulting in five new unique materials that we’ve named Matek®.

FSC® Certified wood
From the very beginning, we have used FSC-certified wood for all wooden products in our collection. In an FSC® certified forest, no more trees than the forest can reproduce are felled, so the exploitation of nature is avoided.

Mater Take-Back
We unhesitatingly offer to take all our furniture made from Matek® back at the end of its life to recycle it into new furniture.

Repair for long lasting

Good products, are made to be used. To give the products the longest possible life, we want to make it easy for you to repair them yourself. Contact our customer service for more info her

Wood and coffee shell waste mixed with recycled plastic and FSC® certified wood.