Exploring a healthier interior with Mater | Part I

Author | Allan Torp, BUNGALOW5

Taking care of the our planet, is something that is becoming more and more a concern of mine, and I think it should become everyone’s to be honest. The more we can do on a day-to-day basis the better. For me, it was all about starting small; sorting out my garbage, recycling as much as possible. You’ll be amazed at how little of your daily rubbish isn’t recyclable. I also use organic reusable shopping bags and even smaller cotton mesh bags for fresh vegetable, so I don’t have to take home even more plastic bags. I’ve bee’s wrap for food wrapping, which can be reused over and over again. Changing all your light bulbs is of course a must. My point is, start easy, get comfortable and then add more.

It is when it comes to the bigger purchases it gets a bit trickier, especially when it comes to furniture. As a interior blogger I almost feel like it is my reasonability to help guide you to open your eyes to being more mindful when decoration your house. I am no where close to being a saint or a know-it-all, but I want to know more. That’s why I have teamed up with the most conscious and ethical design brand I know Mater. I want to explore the world of a more ethical and sustainable production without it compromising great design.

Great design is beautiful, while extraordinary design can knock your socks off. Making the ethical choice when buying furniture doesn’t have to be a compromise. Through the coming months, I will explore a world of sustainable high-end design, so when you go buy furniture next time, you’ll have the right questions to ask in the store and hopefully make a more environmentally friendly choice.

Mater means ‘mother’ in Latin and they have made it their mission, from the very beginning in 2006, to rethink dubious practices, thus creating ethical and sustainable design that minimizes adverse social and environmental impacts. Design influences how we as humans live our lives; it shapes values, culture and society.

Can’t wait to embark on this journey for a healthier interior and a happier planet.