SPACE COPENHAGEN is established in 2005 by Signe Bindslev Henriksen and Peter Bundgaard Rützou, both
graduated The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts, School of Architecture – is known for defying habits and
employing a sincere personal vision to their design. The projects Space Copenhagen has turned their hands to
include everything from interior design, to furniture and refined objects for everyday use as well as artistic
installations and art direction.

Space explains: "Mater offers such a vision-driven optimism in creating in-our-time products that we
designers feel a part of a mission. As a designer you sometimes wonder if we really need more design objects.
But with the go-getting spirit at Mater you are not only sure that your designs will hit the marketplace, you're
also confident that they'll make a difference."

Mater products by Space: High Stool, Trumpet Coat Stand, Shade Light Pendant




The Finnish designer MAIJA PUOSKARI graduated from the Aalto University of Helsinki in 2009.
Before her design studies Puoskari had already graduated 
as a florist. Her background often draws
inspiration from nature why her work 
is characterised by a strong sense of pure form mixed with functionality
precise finishing. She works widely with various design and exhibition projects.

Puoskari has been awarded with several grands and prizes, and her work has been shown in many national
and international collection exhibitions and fairs.

Mater products by Maija Puoskari: Terho Lamp




Native New Yorker TODD BRACHER is a designer and strategist currently based in New York City after a
decade working in Copenhagen, Milan, Paris and London.  Bracher has collaborated with some of the most
prestigious brands around the world from furniture and object design to interiors and architecture.

Todd explains: "Working with Mater is a chance for a designer to connect with local artisans to exchange ideas.
With globalisation the world is losing 
indigenous crafts which is why an awareness of preserving such crafts is
increasingly important.
They're not only expressions of our cultural diversity; they also represent a wealth of
experiences and
know-how that are essential resources in developing novel concepts and designs."

Mater products by Todd Bracher: Dome Lamp




The Danish designer SØREN ROSE started Soren Rose Studio in 2008. With offices in Copenhagen and New
York the studio worship high quality and sustainable materials, and approach their work with both traditional
and innovative craftsmanship. The studio specialises in residential living through bespoke products design.
The work is characterised by natural simplicity, strong personality and responsible quality.

Mater products by Søren Rose: Sideboard




AYUSH KASLIWAL is a furniture design graduate from National Institute of Design Ahmedabad, the premier 
design institute in India. Ayush's design studio AKFD is committed to development of ideas using local crafts 
that have evolved over centuries. His work represents a fusion of unique creativity and uncompromising integrity
rare to find in the highly competitive world market.

Ayush explains: ”Products have their own eco-system. They carry with them their history - as in how and where
they are made, and their future - as in where they will go to. 
Mater is one of the few to recognise this, and to
engage, in a positive manner with 
these eco systems".

Mater products by Ayush Kasliwal: Bowl Table




After completing an MFA in sculpture at the University of Chicago, MICHAEL W. DREEBEN pursued 
apprenticeships with master woodworkers and was later awarded a Fulbright Scholarship to study traditional
craft and woodworking in Rajasthan State in North India. Upon returning from India, he continued to pursue a
range of design interests, and co-founded and operated Accuslab, LLC, which supplied stock lines of concrete
furniture and architectural components to several large national retailers. His work reflects sculptural
sensibility, thoughtful engagement with material, and wide ranging design and production experience.

Mater products by Michael W. Dreeben: Shell Dining Chair, Shell Lounge Chair, Shell Bar Stool




A collaboration between the Indian designer Ayush Kasliwal and the Danish design strategist,
THOMAS LYKKE, head of OeO.
OeO is a strategic and creative consultancy founded in 2003 that combines
strategic design thinking with a strong conceptual approach and dedication to design aesthetics. Oeo's core
competence is turning strategy into great design. They are driven by a passion for design and by the
potential of new ideas and business opportunities.

Mater products by Thomas Lykke & Ayush Kasliwal: Lignia Dining Table




The Berlin-based design duo BÖTTCHER+HENSSLER was founded in 2007 by Moritz Böttcher and Sören
Henssler. They both studied product design at the University of Applied Sciences and Arts in Hannover.
Since starting, they have been rewarded several awards, including the prestigious Red Dot Award. 
The goal for Böttcher+Henssler is to create simple but original products without unnecessary details
where techniques, materials and aesthetics work together in products that break with the trivial.

Böttcher+Henssler explains: “Design means everyday culture. It helps us to enjoy and simplify life. We are
fascinated by the process that starts with an idea, becomes substance and hopefully results in a
long and pleasurable 
use for its qualities. That’s how we understand reasonability and sustainability.

Mater products by Böttcher+Henssler: Luiz Lamp 




STONE DESIGNS is created by Spanish Eva Pérez Rego and Cutu Mazuelos in 1995 just after finishing their
studies at the IADE interior design school in Madrid.

They are impulsive, passionate, direct, sincere, all of which is undoubtedly reflected perfectly in their pieces.
Stone Designs always tries to provide new uses and solutions, and all projects are a material interpretation of
how the designers understand life, day-to-day, and the feelings of each one.

Mater products by Stone Designs: Cloudy Chair