Design Award Winner `Årets Ildsjæl`

Mater CEO Henrik Marstrand awarded ‘Årets Ildsjæl’ at the Design Award 2019 in Copenhagen
At this year’s Design Award held by the editors from Bo BEDRE, Bolig Magasinet, Costume Living and Nordic Living, Mater CEO Henrik Marstrand was recognized and awarded in the category ‘Årets Ildsjæl’. ‘Ildsjæl is an ambitious and energetic person with a burning wish to make a difference. The jury’s words went: “Henrik Marstrand has the right to call himself an ‘ildsjæl’ of the decade: for more than 13 years he has fought for sustainable furniture production. The company he is in charge of collaborates with a number of prominent Danish and international designers, all of whom have managed to juggle the difficult art of developing sustainable designs which at the same time has high aesthetic value. Mater is ahead of its time, visionary and elevates Danish design to new heights, we pay tribute to Mater and Henrik Marstrand”.
Since 2006 Henrik has worked to change the furniture and design industry creating ethical designs with great aesthetics and quality while heading towards a greener and more environmentally friendly future. In collaboration with talented designers, Mater and Henrik Marstrand keep exploring materials, productions methods and techniques which make it possible to produce furniture from waste material and biproducts. Like any other Mater design, there is no cutting corners and very few compromises on craftmanship and durability. This years ‘Ildsjæl’ is not a title you bring home singlehandedly – on behalf of the whole Mater team we will like to thank everyone who is and has been on the journey towards a more sustainable tomorrow.