Oslo / Norway 

IT Company Crayon

The building at Gullhaug Torg 5 is an architectural and sustainability gem build and managed by Avantor. The new headquarters of Crayon reflect the IT company’s sustainability commitment. Lots of light, large floor plans with a great atrium in the middle, good ceiling heights and openness are among the things highlighted for Crayon's choice

 Address: Gullhaug Torg 5, Oslo, Norway

Conscious Chairs at Crayon in Oslo, Norway

Gullhaug Torg 5 was built for longevity and future reuse. About half of the building’s materials are recyclable or reusable, and much of the furniture has been refurbished. In addition, it has a carbon footprint that is 50 percent smaller than similar buildings and is supplied with energy from district heating/cooling and solar panels.

Here at Mater, we are proud to do collaborations with companies that shares the same sustainable vision as we do. Crayon has chosen the Conscious chair in natural oak and with a seat and backrest made of blends of our patented waste material Matek. In line with their ambition to create a sustainable workspace Crayon has chosen the Conscious Chair in their eating area. 

In alliance with large corporations, Mater has invented a patented technology that recycles their fibre and plastic waste. This resulting in five new unique materials that we’ve named Matek®.

FSC® Certified wood

From the very beginning, we have used FSC-certified wood for all wooden products in our collection. In an FSC® certified forest, no more trees than the forest can reproduce are felled, so the exploitation of nature is avoided.

Mater Take-Back

We unhesitatingly offer to take all our furniture made from Matek® back at the end of its life to recycle it into new furniture.

Repair for long lasting

Good products, are made to be used. To give the products the longest possible life, we want to make it easy for you to repair them yourself. Contact our customer service for more info her

The chair is made of FSC® wood and Matek®