Copenhagen / Denmark

Lunar Copenhagen Office

With a focus on sustainability, the digital challenger bank Lunar wishes to create a welcoming and healthy work environment where the décor of the workspace initiates work joy and innovative thinking. Lunar wants this office to be the leading star for Lunar’s conscious office design across the Nordics. And on that note, most of their products and furniture chosen for the office are made of certified or recycled materials.

Address: Central Copenhagen

Earth Stool Backrest

Sustainable office design

The Lunar Copenhagen office is set in a unique building designed by renowned Danish architect Svenn Eske Kristensen in 1969. Architect and designer Eva Harlou, who is also Head of Sustainability at Lunar, was given the task of renovating the older building to a new, modern, and sustainably conscious working environment. The building offers five floors of light spacious workspaces, meeting facilities, an internal courtyard, and two roof terraces. Key for the interior is that most furniture and products for the project have been chosen for their quality and environmental impact, meaning that products of certified and recycled materials have been favoured.

Mater’s Earth Stool Backrest, made of a Matek blend of coffee shell waste and industrial plastic, is used at communal meeting spaces and one-person offices throughout the building. The Ocean Chair, Bench, and Tables make up an inviting eating and resting area on one of the rooftop terraces.

Made from discarded coffee shells
and recycled plastic waste

In alliance with large corporations, Mater has invented a patented technology that recycles their fibre and plastic waste. This resulting in five new unique materials that we’ve named Matek®.

Mater Take-Back

We unhesitatingly offer to take all our furniture made from Matek® back at the end of its life to recycle it into new furniture.

Repair for long lasting

Good products, are made to be used. To give the products the longest possible life, we want to make it easy for you to repair them yourself. Contact our customer service for more info her

The chair is made of Matek®