Visit Mater Earth Gallery

Mater Earth Gallery

Glentevej 47 
2400 Copenhagen NV

Opening Hours 

Monday to Friday from 9:00 - 17:00
and by appointment

Come visit Mater Earth Gallery and experience the home of the Mater Collection as well as exclusively Earth Gallery Editions sold only through the Mater Earth Gallery and online at
Mater Earth Gallery is a a vibrant yet peaceful space, our concept store, the home of our team and our stories. In the Mater Earth Gallery we showcase how we make things, what materials we use and how our ethical profile is converted into design products. 

A concept store and showroom for the conscious and quality minded consumer looking for well crafted and ethically produced design objects. Besides Mater we also offer an exclusive selection of ceramics, textiles and bags designed by various designers and lifestyle books, organic tea and fragrances.