Three new Colourways to
The Eternity Collection

Mater introduces the Eternity Collection in the three Matek® blends – Coffee Waste Light, Coffee Waste Dark, and Wood Waste. The Eternity Collection consists of the Eternity Sidechair, Eternity Armchair, Eternity Swivel, and Eternity High Stool and has up until now only been available in Coffee Waste Black. With the new colourways and upholstery options, the collection has become even more versatile and suitable for various interior aesthetics.

Each product from the Eternity Collection removes 4330g of waste from the planet.

Post-consumer E-waste consists of mixed plastic parts from electrical equipment, household appliances, fridges etc.

Wood waste sourced from wooden furniture production.

Coffee shell waste from BKI's coffee roasting process.

Made of electronic waste mixed with fibers

Cutting-edge technology allows Mater to make furniture from waste materials in their patented Matek® material by combining fibre with a binder. The result is a unique compound that can be formed using pre-existing industry technology, such as press moulding. The Matek® used for the Eternity Collection is made by mixing e-waste with either coffee waste from Danish coffee producer BKI Kaffe or wood waste.

E-waste is a growing environmental concern across the globe due to the world’s use and throwaway culture. Only 17.4% of total global e-waste is known to have been collected and properly recycled. This figure has dropped over the last five years as a percentage of total waste generated.

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“As part of our commitment to caring for people and the planet, Mater is dedicated to uncovering harmful waste streams and developing groundbreaking waste materials and revolutionary techniques which allow more to be created from less. The Eternity Collection and its new colourways are the perfect example of the endless possibilities of circular design.” 

Henrik Marstrand, Founder of Mater


Industrial, yet elegant

The Eternity Collection was designed to easily integrate into various kinds of spaces and interior aesthetics, for both private and public use. With a focus on comfort and functionality, combined with industrial and sculptural features, the durable collection is the perfect example of Mater and Space Copenhagen’s shared belief that design should be made to last a lifetime.


Space Copenhagen

Established in 2005 by Signe Bindslev Henriksen and Peter Bundgaard Rützou, Space Copenhagen is a design studio that works across multiple disciplines from interior design for private homes, hotels, and restaurants all over the world to art installations and art direction, furniture, lighting, and refined objects. The studio’s intuitive approach embodies designs that are distinctively shaped by the given circumstances, functional needs, and a fundamental interest in human behaviour. It is a sense of and belief in slow aesthetics that centres quality and longevity.

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