Eternity Collection

The name Eternity speaks to Mater’s circular mindset, made from upcycled materials that can recycle repeatedly. In addition, the name reflects how the design is only enhanced by repetition, creating an almost infinite movement when placed side by side in a conference room, a bar or a restaurant.

“We’re incredibly proud to take part in this exciting process and technology to create a circular chair. The foundation of our design is the material’s inspiring organic and tactile nature.”

- Space Copenhagen.

Launching Eternity High Stool and Eternity Swivel

Introducing new editions to The Eternity Collection by Space Copenhagen, made of coffee shell waste and industrial plastic waste  – The Eternity Swivel and The Eternity High Stool.

The new additions continue the design of The Eternity Chair with a floating shell made of Matek, our patented circular waste material.

Designed to integrate easily into various kinds of spaces and interior aesthetics the focus is on comfort and functionality combined with industrial and sculptural features.

With the new swivel base options, and the alternative to get The Eternity Swivel with or without castors, The Eternity Collections become even more suitable for work, meeting and dining arrangements in equally private homes and public spaces.

Through years of research and testing, we invented Matek.

The uniquely patented materials enable us to make furniture of waste materials by combining fibre with a binder. Coffee bean shells, extracted during the roasting process, are an example of a fibre material. Sawdust from wood production is another. The binder material is made from plastic waste or a plastic-based alternative.

The mix of materials results in a unique compound suitable for press moulding. The technology behind Matek allows us to capture carbon in our furniture by recycling waste into timeless classics using resources already available to us, instead of virgin materials.

To produce Matek, we either use post-consumer waste or post- industrial waste available to us through successful collaborations with large-scale corporations. We help process their waste streams and make them suitable for furniture production – beneficial to themselves and others.

Explore Eternity Swivel and Eternity High stool here

Designed for disassembly

The Eternity Collection is designed for disassembly, which means that each component, in its purest form, can be upcycled into new production cycles.

Matek is designed to be reprocessed again and again, which is why Mater offers a circular take-back system. Furniture made of Matek can be recycled into new furniture pieces.

 “As furniture manufacturers we see it as our responsibility to take back our furniture when people don’t want it anymore, for any reason. So, at the end of a chair's life, we offer to take it back to reprocess it to be sent back to the market as a new design piece.”

- Henrik Marstrand.