Mater x Eva Harlou x At Dolores

Mater x Eva Harlou x At Dolores:
Double Bottle Signature Drinks

A collaboration between the designer of the Double Bottle, Eva Harlou and the exclusive Copenhagen night club At Dolores, has resulted in three signature drinks served in the Mater Double Bottle.

Join us for the launch of the Double Bottle on Friday April 6th at At Dolores from 9pm-11pm a
nd find inspiration and recipes for the weekend cocktails here:


Inner carafe Monin Mures Syrup (2cl) + Gin (5cl)
Outer carafe Diluted lemon juice or Lemon soda (3cl)
Serving Crushed ice, one blackberry and a slice of lemon

Simon’s Passion

Inner carafe Monin Passion Syrup (4cl) + Vodka (4cl)
Outer carafe Pineapple juice (4cl)
Serving Cubed ice and half a passion fruit

White Russian

Inner carafe Kahlua (4cl)
Outer carafe milk (6cl) + Vodka (4cl)
Serving Cubed ice


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