Amsterdam/ Holland

RIJKS Museum Restaurant 

The Rijksmuseum, which is one of the most popular museums in Amsterdam with more than 2.5 visitors each year, is home to Rijks, a unique restaurant that serves first-rate cuisine.

In the same way that the Rijksmuseum tells the nation's history through art thanks to its impressive collection strives to convey the culinary heritage of a country in which the wealth and spirit of its food is based on the authenticity and nature of the products.

Address: Hammerichsgade 1, 1611 København

High Stool Sirka Grey Stained Oak

Maters High stool at RIJKS Museum Restaurant 

Located in a separate building that is also open at night after the museum has closed, Rijks restaurant has an elegant décor that clearly follows Nordic trends and highlights the use of natural and fine materials such as bronze, marble, suede, and oak.

The Mater High Stool and Low Stool is designed by the Danish architect duo Space Copenhagen and is regarded as a New Danish Classic. With its organic yet minimalist style, this stool is suitable for both residential and commercial use. 

FSC® Certified wood
From the very beginning, we have used FSC-certified wood for all wooden products in our collection. In an FSC® certified forest, no more trees than the forest can reproduce are felled, so the exploitation of nature is avoided

CO2 Footprint
At Mater, we believe in the importance of transparency. By doing Life Cycle Assessments (LCA) on our furniture, we can analyse the total climate emission for each of our product’s lifespan.

The oak wood is sustainably sourced from well-managed forests and thereby honouring the UN Sustainable Development Goals of protecting “Life on Land”